Are you unsure who you are dating, interacting, doing business with or in a legal dispute?

Everyone has a history, and you never know what a person has seen and been involved in or part of. Since the improvement in technology, in particular the World Wide Web has been created on line profile or background checks is a necessity in the identification of individuals.

Fortunately, individuals may have and turned over a new leaf and improved the lifestyle, but the past has a way of returning in particularly online and therefore prior to committing to a relationship or getting involved financial agreement with a person, you may want to know a little more about their past or current status.

Our online profiling or background Investigations are also perfect for those who need evidence to handle defamation, custody, divorces or general legal matters. ABi have the expertise to help you attain the legal evidence you need to make decisions for your yourself or your representing lawyers

Prior to taking on a case, we thoroughly run through with our clients all the specific details of the case and what is the expected outcome. We then tailor the investigation to the client’s needs and only commence once the client is comfortable with our management plan.

Once the matter commences, we frequently update the client with the status of our enquiries and once the matter is completed, it is documented with a thorough report along with a detailed information, statements, online evidence, photography etc.

Our clients, their personal information, correspondence and overall results remain strictly confidential and will NOT be distributed to any 3rd parties. Please refer to our Privacy page and/or ABi Privacy Policy.