Do you suspect one of your employees or managers of dishonest or improper behaviour? Or has employee issues a formal grievance or compliant against another staff

The term, ‘employee misconduct’ can be applied to a number of scenarios, and whether the activity is criminal or non-criminal, it will often contravene the internal policies or codes of conduct of your organisation. Many of us worry about improper behaviour affecting productivity during working hours, however recognising misconduct outside of hours at social events and training can also be your responsibility.

Dealing with Employee and Workplace grievances and/or misconduct in a prompt, impartial and confidential manner not only ensures that both the complainant and the alleged individual fully understand the process, but also demonstrates that your organisation does not tolerate such behaviour. The higher or more senior the alleged individual is, the more important it is to be open, as the incident is likely to become common knowledge amongst employees.

Many organisations do not have an Employee Misconduct or Grievance response system in place, and as a result investigation may be ineffective. Moreover, communication is lacking and employees are not only unclear as to their responsibilities, but also as to the consequences of failing to comply with the rules of the organisation. By appointing an independent organisation such as ABi, you can ensure that your response system is easy to communicate as it is structured in a relevant, transparent and fair manner and therefore based on our enquiries your organisations crucial decisions are based on independent and an unbiased report.

Process & Confidentiality

Prior to taking on a case, we thoroughly run through with our clients all the specific details of the case and what is the expected outcome. We then tailor the investigation to the client’s needs and only commence once the client is comfortable with our management plan, but generally our approach will include but no limited to are as follows:

  • A review of the Code of Conduct and Internet and Email policies
  • The conduct of obtaining all statements and witnesses to the alleged grievance
  • And providing a summary of all enquiries and recommendations

We frequently update the client with the status of our enquiries and once the matter is completed, it is documented with a thorough report along with a detailed information, statements, online evidence, etc.

Our clients, their personal information, correspondence and overall results remain strictly confidential and will NOT be distributed to any 3rd parties. Please refer to our Privacy page and/or ABi Privacy Policy